Polyester dust filter bag Polyester dust filter bag

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     HL Polyester dust filter bag is made of short fiber and twisting yarn with crisscorss and fine distributed nonwovens needle felt craft and post-processed by the hot rolling,singeing or coating,which make its surface more smooth,not easy to be obstructed by dust voidage.The Polyester needle felt applied widely and has good performance of permeability and chemical stablity.It is the  ideal filter medium for the nomal temperature corrosive and acid-base gasses,oil and water seperation and filtration.

Polyester  dust filter bags specification
Material PET fiber/PET scrim
Weight(g/m2)  500
Thickness(mm)±0.2 1.8
Air permeability(m³/㎡/min@200Pa) 14
Tensile Strength(N/5*20cm)  warp ≥1100
Tensile Strength(N/5*20cm)  weft ≥1300
Elongation(%)        warp ≤30%
Elongation(%)        weft ≤45%
Working Temperature 130℃
Peak Temperature 150℃
Dry shrinkage at 150℃ within 90 min.  warp <1.0%
Dry shrinkage at 150℃ within 90 min.  weft <1.0%
Finishing Treatment Singed, Calendering
Note The parameters above come from ideal lab-condition, the performance will change a little bit in-linewith actual application.


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