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The early twentieth century, the Yu family in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, engaged in traditional filter production, which was mainly supplied to the tofu manual workshops and sugar production workshops, etc.

2012 YEAR

Guangde Huilong Enviroment Technology Co,.Ltd Founded, HL filter Guangde factory in construction(100 acres)

2010 YEAR

Huilong Kunshan Factory opening

2009 YEAR

Four star Huilong Hotel foundation in Taizhou Zhejiang

2006 YEAR

Guangzhou AKF filter equipment Co,.Ltd founded

2003 YEAR

HL filter Suzhou ( Suzhou Huilong Purification Filter Co.,Ltd ) founded

1998 YEAR

HL filter Hongkong ( Huilong ( H.K ) INT’ Development Co.,Ltd ) founded

1996 YEAR

HL filter Shanghai company founded

1994 YEAR

HL filter Guangzhou ( Guangzhou Longhuilong Filter Co.,Ltd ) founded

1985 YEAR

Family owned workshop in Zhejiang


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