Polyester antistatic needle felt Polyester antistatic needle felt

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      Usually industrial dust concentration reached a certain degree (ie, the explosive limit), such as the case of electrostatic discharge sparks or other factors, it is easy to cause explosion and fire, such as: flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc., such as in the case of electrostatic discharge have the possibility of explosion, in the field of bag type, such as the need to use a cloth bag to collect, then the need to make the bag itself has anti-static function. The production of anti-static filter in addition to process with the production of ordinary needle felt, also in the fabric warp production needle felt incorporated in conductive fiber yarn or mixed with conductive fiber in chemical fiber antistatic polyester felt.

eg:500g/㎡Polyester anti-static needle felt technology data

Material Polyester+anti-static fiber
Weight(g/㎡)  500
Thickness(mm) 1.8
Air permeability(m³/㎡/min) 14
Tensile Strength(N/5cm) warp >1100
Tensile Strength(N/5cm) weft >1300
Elongation at break(%) warp ≤30%
Elongation at break(%) weft ≤45%
Working Temperature 130℃
Peak Temperature 150℃
Finishing Treatment Heat setting/singed/Glazed/Stainless steel fibre admixture,volume resistance <10^9 ohm
Note The parameters above come from ideal lab-condition, the performance will change a little bit in-linewith actual application.


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