P84 needle felt compound with Aramid P84 needle felt compound with Aramid

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P84 (Felt) Normal continuous operating temperature is 260degrees.
Common applications include: smelters, dryers, coal-fired boilers, incinerators, kilns, and calciners.
P84 is non-flammable and no hydroscopic. This felt offers extended bag life in low pH applications and
helps reduce differential pressure across the baghouse. P84 operates will in high temperature applications,
against acid attacks and is resistant to flex abrasion (unlike Fiberglass).
Alkaline should be avoided at high temperatures with using P84.

Name P84 needle felt compound with Aramid
Fiber material polyamide, aramid
Weight(g/m2) 550(±10)
Thickness(mm) 2.5(±0.2)
Air permeability(m3/m2.min) ±25
Work temp() continuous ≤260
peak 280
Tensile strength(N/5×20cm) Warp >900
Weft >1200
Break elongation(%) Warp <35
Weft <50
Thermal shrinkage(%) Warp &le;1.5
Weft &le;1
Finish heat setting, singeing, calendering, soak with PTFE


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