basket/pipe filter housing basket/pipe filter housing

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The filter is indispensable in industrial production pipeline accessories, installation can filter out solid impurities in the fluid in the pipeline, to ensure the normal operation of pipeline system, fluid can be more pure, ideal for industrial products; after a period of time to remove the top cover as the filter basket, after washing the you can restore as new. Therefore, widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, by users of all ages.
Shell material: cast iron, stainless steel
Filter material: stainless steel filter frame
Seal material: oil resistant asbestos, graphite, PTFE
Working temperature (c): -30~+380-80~+450
Design pressure: 0.6~6.4 (150Lb~300Lb)
Filtration precision: 100-300
Connection: flange, butt welding

Technical data of basket/pipe filter housings
Housing body material:cast iron, stainless steel

Filter frame material: stainless steel 

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