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Acrylic needle felt is used by strong acrylic fiber nonwoven needle punched process staggered, superfine fiber cloth gap distribution, surface of hot, singeing treatment, the surface is smooth, not easy to be blocked by dust filter, the large gap, good air permeability, anti chemical stability, can not only filter the gas at room temperature. But in the high temperature gas filtration (150 DEG C) and is ideal for alkali corrosive gas filter material condition.

eg:500gsmAcrylic needle felts technical data
Material Acrylic Filter Fabric/Acrylic scrim
Weight(g/m2)  500
Thickness(mm)±0.2mm 2.0
Air permeability(m³/㎡/min)±2m³ 14
Tensile Strength(N/5cm) warp >700
Tensile Strength(N/5cm) weft >1000
Elongation at break(%) warp ≤25%
Elongation at break(%) weft ≤45%
Shrinkage at 140℃ within 90 min.  warp <1.0%
Shrinkage at 140℃ within 90 min.  weft <1.0%
Continuous Working  Temperature 125℃
Instant Working Temperature 140℃
Finishing Treatment Heat setting/singed/Glazed
Note The parameters above come from ideal lab-condition, the performance will change a little bit in-linewith actual application.


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