Filtech 2019 Germany filter exhibition Report

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FILTECH 2019 is the largest filtration show world-wide having a unique gamut of 428 exhibitors from filtration and separation industry.

With 16,500 participants over 3 days FILTECH 2019 has clearly exceeded most expectations and set a strong signal for further growth of the world-wide filtration and separation sector. At FILTECH 2019, 32,3% of all foreign guests came from non-european countries. A substantial increase was registered in the number of trade visitors from France, India, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Hungary, Slovenia, Scandinavia, Ukraine and Tunesia. At FILTECH 2019 more than 58% of the trade visitors came from outside Germany.


Under the leadership of President Yu, 19 persons from HL FILTER included experienced sales and colleagues from Project Development Dept. joined the exhibition. In this exhibition, HL FILTER exhibited high quality industrial filter housing, filter cartridge, liquid filter cloth& filter bag, dust filter cloth& filter bag, filter cage, etc., all the products were highly spoken by customers and experts in this industry.



The three-day exhibition was intense and busy. Colleagues performed their respective duties, assisted and cooperated with each other, and actively received customers from various countries who stopped by the booth. Through professional and enthusiastic introduction, international customers got a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of HL FILTER.

Although Filtech 2019 has been successfully ended, HL FILTER will never stop. As always with the company philosophy of "Heighten the national aspiration, Create a world brand", HL FILTER will constantly enhance product quality and explore cutting-edge technology, and contribute to environmental protection.



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