What are the precautions for installing liquid filter bag?

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The working principle of the liquid filter bag is pressure filtration, if the quality of the liquid filter bag is good, pay attention to see the filter cloth efficiency, pore size distribution, density, thickness, weight, air permeability, breaking strength and other technical indicators. Liquid filter bag in the installation shall pay attention to:
  1, Come up with a new filter bag, the new filter bag sealed cartons, unused filter bag must be re-loaded into the plastic bag to prevent dust pollution.
  2, Turn off the power to stop the pump, close the inlet and outlet valves (for those who have been using the filter bag).
  3, Release the pressure, for safety reasons, to ensure that the nozzle is rushed to a safe place. Open the exhaust valve to slowly lower the filter pressure (for the user who has already used the filter bag).
  4, Open the lid, to ensure that the housing pressure drop to zero after opening the lid. Take out the used filter bag. (For users who have already used the filter bag).
  5, To ensure that the filter edges are cleaned up.
  6, Check the basket of arc and edge. The upper edge of the basket and the contact surface of the filter cartridge must be flat. If there is no basket or basket installation error will lead to filter failure.
  7, The installation of new filter bags, filter bags must be inserted into the basket, the filter bag seal must be properly seated in the sealed slot.
  8, Check the gasket, select the fluid compatible with the gasket. Close the cover, and note that when the filter cover is closed, make sure that the washer does not twist or leave the slot and tighten the ring nuts clockwise.
  9, Close the exhaust valve, open the pump switch. Open the inlet valve and slowly open the valve to see if it leaks. When a leak occurs, immediately close the inlet valve, from the start, open the outlet valve.


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