HL filter is attending Aquatech China (10.June.2015~12.June.2015)

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HL filter is attending  Aquatech China.
Time: 10.June.2015~12.June.2015
Address:National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)
Booth No.: 7.2 Hall, 1.224
Product shows: 1. micron needle felts( polyester filter cloth, PP filter cloth and Nylon filter cloth)
                              2. liquid filter bags ( polyester filter bag, PP filter bag, Nylon filter bag)
                              3. filter cartridges (PP membrane pleated filter cartridge, PP melt blown filter cartridge and string wound filter cartridge)
                              4. filter housing (stainless steel bag filter housing, cartridge filter housing, multi filter housing)
The first day, have attracted many domestic and foreign audiences.  Our technilogist and salesman answered customer's questions patiently.
Some customers have visited our factory after they came to our booth.  They are satified with our products and services.
Welcome to our booth, we are waiting for you...


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