HL filter attend Alibaba hundred regiments

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  • August 5, 2014, for a period of two months Hundred Regiments officially ended. In just two months, a hundred more than 100 companies in the regiment's soldiers are paid to their utmost, although some people exceeded the target, some people not. But anyway, we have challenged ourselves to break through the self!

  • HL filter five soldiers, doing their efforts during the two months, got a good performance in Alibaba data competition. Keyword quantity, product exposure, inquiry quantity etc. grew more than 100 percent in first month. In the second month, every soldiers worked overtime to ten P.M. For their dreams, for creating a miracle,they are struggling.

  • At Alibaba's awards ceremony, HL filter belongs to Ninth Legion all of the soldiers break zero, won the title of brothers Legion.

  • HL filter female soldiers - Zhang Lu got a good result in excess of 186%, obtained one hundred regiment king awards.

  • In the past two months, there also have to pay gains, there is bitterness but also joy. In the coming days, the whole spirit of Hui Long also has been extended, continue forward, For HL filter development,for help more enterprises solve air filters and liquid filters problems,for the future of the blue sky, HL filter's footsteps will not stop .


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