Foreign Trade experience sharing.

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  • In the field of Suzhou foreign trade,are there any other activities, you can find partners? Yes,That is Hundred Regiments, the Hundred Regiments,not only a experience, but also a self review. Excellent person need to spread more positive energy. We can leart more spirits of and how to do foreign trade well.

  • At 13:30 on July 19, 2014, from Alibaba Hundred Regiments Suzhou Station – Xicheng Committee soldiers from ten companys, gathered in HL filter conduct a trade exchange of experience.

  • The first ,HL filter Keiki Ji conducted a foreign trade experience sharing.

  • The following, from a bottle of mineral water and arise out of the discussion under leading of Mr. Fan.

  • The second, outstanding sales share their working experience.

  • The third,president from Alibaba Lucheng committee gave us a great entrepreneurial experience speech.

  • At 17:20 on July 19, 2014, 2014 the foreign trade exchange of experience successful finished, the Ninth Army soldiers will be go ahead and break through self.


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