Congratulate HL filter America branch company founded

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A good news from America.  HL filter America branch company founded, congratulation!

400 W Cummings Park, Suite 1725-144 Woburn, MA 01801
United States
Tel: +1 617-597-4999
Fax: +1 617-597-4149
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Products include: liquid filtration and air filtration.
Liquid filtration include: liquid filter bag (Polyester filter bag, PP filter bag and Nylon filter bag), liquid filter fabric ( PP needle felt, PE needle felt, Nylon monofilament), filter cartridge( wound string filter cartridge, melt blown filter cartridge and PP membrane pleated filter cartridge), and filter housing(bag filter housing and cartridge filter housing).

Air filtration include: dust filter fabric, dust filter bag and bag cage. Materials are Polyester needle felt, Acrylic needle felt, PPS needle felt, Aramid needle felt, P84 needle felt, PTFE needle felt.

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