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What are the considerations for installing liquid filter bags?

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Working principle of liquid filter bag is pressure filter, liquid filter bag quality is good, pay attention to is to see the efficiency of the filter cloth, pore size distribution, density, porosity, fracture strength, thickness, weight, etc. A series of technical indicators.Matters needing attention during installation of liquid filter bags:


1. Take out the new filter bag. In the new filter bag, the unused filter bags must be reloaded into plastic bags to prevent dust pollution.

2. Turn off the power to stop the pump, and close the inlet and outlet valves (for customers who are now using filter bags).

Release the pressure, to be safe, to ensure that the nozzle is a rush to safety.Opening the exhaust valve slowly lowers the filter pressure (for users who are now using a filter bag).

4. Open the lid to ensure the filter pressure drop to zero and open the lid.Take out the used filter bags.(for users who are now using filter bags).

5. Ensure that the edge of the filter is cleaned.

6. Check the arc and edge of the basket.The upper edge of the net basket must be flat in contact with the filter.If there is a net basket or a net basket installation error will result in the filtration failure.

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