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How to distinguish the filter bag filter accuracy

How to distinguish the filter bag filter accuracy
 The liquid flows from the inner to outer by filter bag , and the filtered particles are trapped in the bag. The working principle of the bag filter is pressure filtration. Bag filter system consists of three parts: filter housings, support basket and filter bags.
      Usually PE / PP filter bag accuracy unit is the number of "micron" (μm), and nylon filter, stainless steel filter unit is the number of "Mesh".
      "Mesh" refers to the number of holes per square inch (1 inch 25.4mm) , 50 mesh refers to the per square inch of the hole is 50, 500 mesh is 500, the higher the number of eyes, the more holes; In addition to the pores of the screen, it is used to indicate the particle size of the particles that can pass through the screen. The higher the mesh size is, the smaller the particle size is.
       It can be seen from the definition of "Mesh" above that the size of the pore size is related to the diameter of the yarn for weaving the cloth. In actual use, it has a great relationship with the filament, multifilament and weaving method, and the centrifugal Machine speed (centrifugal force size), filter material performance, temperature and have a great relationship, so choose the appropriate case for their own filter bag is also a very complex selection process.
       At present, the equivalent diameter of the equivalent volume particles is used to represent the particle size. Expressed in μm or mm.

Mesh with Micron compatable                  
Mesh 30 35 40 45 50 60 70 80 100 120 140 170
Micron 595 500 420 354 297 250 210 177 149 125 105 88
Mesh 200 230 270 325 400 425 500 325 800 1250 2500 12500
Micron 74 63 53 44 37 33 25 20 15 10 5 1

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