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PP dust filter bag

Polypropylene dust filter bag(PP dust filter bag) Normal maximum continuous operating temperature is 90degrees.
Polypropylene filter bag is used for general applications where chemical and moisture attacks other fibers.
Polypropylene offers high strength, excellent resistance to most acids and alkalis.
Smoothness of fibers allows good cake release and resistance to blinding. Moisture absorption is virtually non-existent.
This media has very good resistance to both mineral and organic acids and generally good resistance to alkalis with
the exception of sodium and potassium hydroxide above 110degrees. Good resistance to most reducing agents.
Polypropylene also has fair resistance to most organic solvents with the exception of ketones, esters, and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

test packing
PP dust filter bags specification
Material PP fiber/PP scrim
Weight(g/m2)  500g/m2
Thickness(mm) 2.0
Air permeability(m³/㎡/min) 8
Tensile Strength(N/5cm) warp >1200
Tensile Strength(N/5cm) weft >1400
Elongation at break(%) warp ≤30
Elongation at break(%) weft ≤50
Dry shrinkage at 130℃ within 90 min.  warp ≤1.0%
Dry shrinkage at 150℃ within 90 min.  weft ≤1.0%
Working Temperature 90℃
Peak Temperature 110℃
Finishing Treatment Singed,Calendering
Note The parameters above come from ideal lab-condition, the performance will change a little bit in-linewith actual application.

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