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Dust collector filter bag cages

The filter bag cages is the support of filter bag and it should be light abd easy for installation and maintance.
The quality of filter cage has directly bearing on the filtering state and service life of a filter bag.
Every cage we make can meet the requirement for tightness,smoothness and uprightness.
Filter bag cage specification
Cage style Round, Oval, Flat, Envelope style
Material Low Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, SS304, SS316
Construction Clamp, Chuck, Claw Join Connection
Cage top Roll Flange, Roll Flange With Venture, Roll Band Low Groove, Straight Flange, Multi-pieces Body Design
Cage Vertical wires 8/10/12/14/16/18/20
Cage Diameter 115mm/120mm/125mm/130mm/145mm/150mm/155mm/160mm
Cage Length 2m/2.45m/3m/6m/7m/8m
Wire Diameter Φ3.2mm/Φ3.5mm/Φ3.8mm/Φ4mm
Surface Treatment Galvanizing, Powder Coat, Antirust Treatment, Teflon Finish, Epoxy Finish and Organic Silicon Coating
The vertical bar, horizontal ring, spacing ring, length, the diameter of the ring and the shape
of the cage can be according with the requirement from clients.

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